Monday, August 10, 2009

letter from cyxymu to Russian President Medvedev (english v)

To President of Russian federation

To President of Russian federation
Dmitri Anatolievich Medvedev

Mr. President,

On August 7 of 2009 my personal blogs (pages) in the social networks as Livejournal, com,,, were subjected to DDos attack.
According to the information from technical services of the social nets the attack was launched from Russia. Actually it was not the first attack on my blogs. In October 2008 my blog underwent cyber attach as well and as a result it did not function until May, 2009.

However, the attack in 2008 was not made public and, naturally, the case was not investigated by law enforcement bodies of the Russian Federation.
Obviously, it made the hackers even more daring and impertinent. As a result of all permissiveness, this year they have dared to make another attack to my blog. Today the entire world is speaking of the Russian hackers working for the RF government are able to close access to millions to the worldwide known social nets just for one reason to block one blogger unpleasant and unacceptable for his position.

Most probably, you’ll not see this comment as most of my comments are usually screened; however, I’ll make my utmost to bring this fact to your attention.

Dimitri Anatolievich, You are the President of Russian Federation, the country which occupied part of my own country in 2008, airplanes of which under your order were bombing our land including columns of your own army; the country which had broken diplomatic relations with my country, the country which had been carrying out political, diplomatic, information wars against my country using all the possible means adequate and inadequate.

Nonetheless, Mr. President, I am addressing You to start an investigation of the case. Your special services are able to trace the persons involved in this case and organizers of this attack. And your court, the most humane court in the world is able to find and punish them.
Of course, I am not asking to publish screen shot with your resolution but please do it.

If it is not made by Russian hackers, prove it.

Yours truelly,


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